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Lion Pack Consulting & PR is a boutique firm based in Los Angeles CA. We help musicians and music-related brands to structure their projects from start to finish, offering top consulting services (figuring out your budget, making a plan, setting a timeline and schedule… registering your copyright and royalty registration… every step to the release of your album, EP, short film, film or art project) and connecting artists to top Songwriters, Writers, Producers, Mixers, Cinematographers, Photographers, Graphic Designers and Publicists in the process. Our PR campaigns target blogs, magazines, and influencers. We offer groundbreaking strategies for email marketing, social media, fan acquisition, and building a lasting brand.

Lion Pack Music Group Meet The Team

Rosa Veleno
COO / Publicist

Rosa Veleno


(Business Management/Public Relations)


Rosa is fluent in all things music and media. The U.S. Navy Veteran went on her path of discovery completing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, followed by an Associate of Arts Degree in Music Production from The Los Angeles Film School.


Veleno has been exposed to music her entire life, starting as an Artist, she has garnered a passion for everything the artist existence entails, including public relations. Rosa worked under two powerhouse entertainment publicists, one in the urban community, and another in the pop and mainstream media. When she’s not managing campaigns at Lion Pack PR, Rosa enjoys running multimedia company MegaEntvision LLC as well as attending live shows and music festivals.

Dalal Bruchmann

Dalal Bruchmann


(Project consulting/Graphic Design)


Dalal Bruchmann has dedicated her life to music and media. She is an award winning internationally accomplished artist topping the US Billboard Breakout Charts (#5), the UK POP Single Dance Charts (#7) and the UK CLUB Charts (#8). Apart from her artistic endeavors, Dalal has a Bachelor of Art’s degree in Graphic Design. She is an expert consultant, structuring and building projects from start to finish. She brings her many years of experience to help assist clients to choose the best direction and build the most solid structure for their product. Dalal travels between Europe and the US, working in studios, leading projects and expanding on her network.

Dalal Bruchman

Jonica “Blu” Booth


(Social Media expert/Branding)


Jonica’s passions in life are music, art, and media. She is a Social Media Influencer with 623k Instagram followers, 188k Facebook followers & 134 Verified Twitter Followers. She is a whiz at connecting social media influencers with artist & major brands. She has a keen eye for talent & is always on the scene looking for the next up & comer. When not acting or hosting events, Jonica is managing campaigns.